Your Inner Artist

Colorswipes is a mobile phone application for artists from around the world to come together. This is a space to share your art, and enjoy the work of others. This is a positive place for artists to share and enjoy each other's work.

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Amazing art from our featured artist

It's not just about the pretty pictures.

It's also about the lovely people behind them.

I am a Korean-American illustrator. I love to draw all kinds of characters, and I hope they also bring people the same happiness.
Hi! I am an illustrator who works in a seaside city. After a whole day, I spend my free time drawing. Drawing is most precious to me.
I am an American illustrator. My drawing inspiration comes from my surroundings. I love to draw all kinds of flowers.
Hello! I am a Japanese illustrator live in Osaka. I like my work and have a lot of fun with it. And I’m a food lover.
I am an artist based in the Pacific Northwest. I love creating artwork based on themes of exploration and wonder of our natural world.
Hello! I’m an artist and illustrator from Iceland. I love my daughters. They love to paint animals and girls.

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